26 January 2017


Three to seven seconds….that's the amount of time the consumer first engages with a product on the shelf, the amount of time a product has to appeal and be chosen by the buyer. However, appealing to a consumer online is a very different task.

With Australian online sales increasing by 13.5% in the twelve months to June 2016, coupled with the emergence of Australia as a major exporter into South East Asia, products are going to have to learn to appeal to consumers digitally as well as in person. 


With the brand no longer having to stand out in a sea of competitor products, the design of a product needs to appeal in different ways online. Packaging needs to remain an integral piece of the purchasing decision whether it is viewed on a shelf or on a screen.

Different packaging for online and retail is not necessarily the answer, as this will increase the number of SKUs, costs and potentially dilute the brand strength. However, brands that can appeal to traditional retail customers as well as the consumers who prefer, or may only have access to, digital purchases, will have the most success throughout 2017.



Nutpods' packaging—an aseptic carton—was designed for both retail and e-commerce packaging. Among its benefits for online sale, simple graphics and a package with a compact shape for shipping, a robust and unbreakable structure, and the ability to handle fluctuating temperatures.

Source: godairyfree.org

The above prediction represents the thoughts of Charta Packaging on what we believe the packaging industry will see in 2017 and onwards.

Not all five forecasts will impact each category, Charta Packaging have further Insights into the more category-relevant trends that we expect to see in 2017. If you would like to discuss trends specific to your category or these over arching macro predictions above, feel free to reach out to us.