26 January 2017


The millennial generation is now Australia’s largest generation, and 38% of them are in the top third of discretionary spenders in the economy. They expect to have input into their brands and with the emergence of AI (Artificial Intelligence), customisation will happen easier than ever before.


Retail customisation:

With 85-95% of customer decisions happening on a subconscious level, setting the right tone for shoppers will be as important in store as it has become online. Retailers will experiment with heat sensors, motion detectors and facial readers which will be able to track walking speed, body temperature, expressions and time spent at shelf. This will allow them to customise display options . How long will it be before a retailer will be able to detect a customer sneezing and then display soup or medication in front of them?

Product customisation:

Customised products attract people and they make the buyer feel the product is built only for them. But when a product can not be customised because it is made in such high volume, personalised packaging may be the key.

2017 will see packaging design drive experiences for the millennial generation as well as create connections. Consumers are increasingly looking for packs to engage and entertain them. A customised pack design that satisfies its clients can drive more loyalty.


PepsiCo´s Lay's brand is launching a program in which people can create custom bags by uploading a personal picture and phrase showing their “favourite summer moment.”

The company will then use the digital design to create real bags and ship them to the consumer. The principal difference with the "Share a Coke" campaign is that the brand is putting the client in charge of the creation and design. After that, it will send a digital image to the consumer, hoping the user will share it on social networks.

Source: potatopro.com

The above prediction represents the thoughts of Charta Packaging on what we believe the packaging industry will see in 2017 and onwards.

Not all five forecasts will impact each category, Charta Packaging have further Insights into the more category-relevant trends that we expect to see in 2017. If you would like to discuss trends specific to your category or these over arching macro predictions above, feel free to reach out to us.